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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Whole Life Policy PROTECTION

Whole Life Policy provides you and your family with a lifetime protection, against unexpected events and hardships. It is also a value builder. The cash value that accumulates in the policy can be utilized during your lifetime to fund vital needs such as child’s education or retirement income. The premium amount remains constant over the premium paying term of the policy.

The following Whole Life Plans are available in our Company:

* Great Golden Life
* Great Prime Life
* Great LifeCare
* Supreme Livin'Care Plus
* Supreme Care
* GreatJunior Advantage Series 2

Guaranteed high coverage for your golden years

You look forward to enjoying your golden years - to be free from worries and able to enjoy life to the fullest. Yet, we know it is difficult to have complete peace of mind without the assurance that your family and loved ones have a financial cushion should the unexpected happen to you.

Introducing Great Golden Life, a simple and affordable whole life insurance plan that is designed for anyone aged between 50 and 80. It gives you guaranteed high coverage up to age 99, ensuring adequate financial security for your family and loved ones.

Hassle-free acceptance with no medical examination
Great Golden Life allows you to enjoy acceptance without the need to go for a medical examination!

Guaranteed Natural Death Benefit up to 120% of Basic Sum Assured
With this plan, the level of coverage is guaranteed to increase as the policy years increase, up to 120% of the basic sum assured, with no additional premium.

Accidental Death Benefit up to 300% of Basic Sum Assured
This plan also provides Accidental Death Benefit up to 300% in the event of accidental death occurs before the maturity, without any increase in premiums.

Affordable and flexible protection plan
You have the flexibility to choose a level of protection that suits your needs and budget. From as low as RM53 a month, you will receive a unit of the Great Golden Life plan. For additional coverage, you have the flexibility to purchase up to a maximum of 5 units*.

Maturity benefit at age 99
The plan gives you 120% of the Basic Sum Assured, which is guaranteed payable upon the policy maturity at age 99.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Great Life Care

Whole life with increase protection and return. Higher life cover will be payable in addition to the basic sum assured. Free total and permanent disability of up to RM2,000,000 per life. Compound Reversionary Bonus (CRB) that increase both in bonus rates and compounding rates as time passes by.

It is ideal,
- If you want to accumulate an asset for your heirs.
- As a breadwinner in securing peace of mind and future financial security of your loved ones.
- As a financial backing (at a low rate) for your child when he is growing up.
- As a means of increasing insurance coverage needs as you go through different stages in life.

Eligible age - 30 days to 70 years next birthday, with good health condition.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Supreme Livin'Care Plus - Whole Life Living Assurance with Cash Bonus

Major illnesses don't just strike the elderly. They can also afflict the young and seemingly healthy, those in the prime of their lives. Are you protected financially? What happens as a breadwinner, you are taken ill? Or worse, when that illness is a major event, a permanent or debilitating disease or emergency?
Supreme Livin'Care Plus, a comprehensive whole life plan that is specially designed to cover you against 36 of the most common and serious medical conditions, as well as total and permanent disablement and death. The plan insures you against the following events:

Heart Attack
Coronary Artery By-pass Surgery
Kidney Failure
Fulminant Hepatitis
Major Organ Transplant
Paralysis (Paraplegia, Tetraplegia)
Multiple Sclerosis
Pulmonary Hypertension
Total Permanent Blindness
Heart Valve Surgery
Major Burns
Aorta Surgery
Loss of Speech
Alzheimer's Disease
Terminal Illness
Motor Neurone Disease
End Stage Liver Disease
HIV Infection from Blood
Aplastic Anaemia Transfusion
Accidental Head Injury Resulting in Major Head Trauma
Parkinson's Disease
Benign Brain Tumor
End Stage Lung Disease
Brain Surgery
Bacterial Meningitis
Other Serious Coronary Artery Disease
Apallic Syndrome
AIDS Cover of Medical Staff
Full Blown AIDS
Muscular Dystrophy
Total Permanent Deafness

Supreme Livin'Care Plus comes with an annual Cash Bonus which allows you the financial flexibility to manage how this bonus is to be used. You have the choice of withdrawing this extra cash to use as you wish, keep it as part of your policy and reap even larger future payout, or use it to pay future premiums.

The plan comes with Deferred Whole Life advantage. With this, you are guaranteed to significantly increase your policy value without having to pay an additional premium. Depending on your age of entry, you can gain up to 100% in addition to the basic sum assured. This means increased protection for you to handle any of life's crisis with complete peace of mind. This plan provides you with a lifetime protection up to age 87 and the flexibility to select a basic sum assured starting from a minimum coverage of RM15,000 and up to a maximum coverage of RM1,000,000.

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